Outbound Calling

Build a sales team to handle everything from appointment setting to closing a sale.

Based on the belief that the more activity we have and contacts we make, the more appointments we’ll set

We’ll use our proprietary system to reach out to a high volume of contacts on your behalf. While you won’t get to keep all of the contact data and records, you will be passed the contact information of the qualified leads and connections we do make.

Our “legacy” product, focused on building out your database for long-term use

We will work in your CRM system to call, validate, and update contact information with notes. This service is often used for market research purposes, ongoing marketing strategies, and to manage sales productivity.

Program Comparison

High Volume

Securing qualified buyer appointments is more important than capturing data.

This is a good fit for sales teams who don’t use a CRM, or if they do, they use it as a contact database.

Data Rich

Capturing and keeping data up to date is critical, as the data helps guide the sales process and outreach strategy.

This is a good fit for sales teams who use a CRM and it’s a critical part of their sales process/business.

High VolumeData Rich
Campaign GoalMaximize AppointmentsMinimize Data
Working in your CRM is...Not ImportantVery Important
List Procurement IncludedYesYes
Minimum Unique Companies Required3,0001,000
Dial Activity Per Week300-400150
Projected Connections Per Week2010
Projected Appointments Per Week42
Data HandlingMPI will work out of our proprietary system and share contact info for appointments setMPI will work out of client’s CRM and keep contact records and critical data up to date

How We Help


What's Your Universe?
Who Should You Target?

We can help build your universe and discover the right people to target. We can use a provided database or source a list to fill in gaps.

How This Helps: We can test to make sure targeting the right people and the messaging is strong within that persona to drive activity.


How Do You Position
Yourself In The Market?

We develop focused messaging that is simple and direct to ensure the leads we deliver are qualified.

How This Helps: We will present the value proposition so it’s clear, concise and consistent across all messaging we deliver to help ensure qualified leads and appointments are generated.


What Is The Best Way To
Generate Qualified Leads?

We use a unique outreach cadence to reach out to prospects using different lead generating tactics.

How This Helps: With a predictable, repeatable, and consistent outreach, it will keep our team on target while being able to help grow your sales leads.

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Sales

Managing the sales funnel is a difficult task that requires dedicated time and resources. An Outsourced Sales Partner can lend a competitive edge by leveraging pre-existing infrastructure to help save time and generate more leads. Download our whitepaper, Five Benefits of Outsourcing Sales, to learn how an outsourced sales partnership can maximize engagement efforts and boost revenue.

50% of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting [1]


71% of sales reps say they spend too much time on data entry [2]


80% of Sales Require 5 Follow-Up Calls [3]


Sources: 1. The B2B Lead  2. Toutapp  3. The Marketing Donut

Program Pricing & Info

Choosing an Outsourced Sales Partner is a big decision. We have two robust calling programs so you can choose the one that is the right fit to meet your sales goals. If you are interested in learning more information about our Outbound Calling Programs such as program inclusions and pricing, click to download our Pricing and Info Sheet.

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