6 Ways to Amplify Customer Delight

There’s no doubt that a happy customer will keep coming back as a repeat customer. In today’s competitive market, businesses need to make sure some simple steps are followed to get that five-star review.   

Delighting customers should be a business goal year after year. Satisfying prospects from the initial conversation through your partnership is critical to keep them as a client. From there, that client will become your promoter or a referral which is a key part to keeping business goals on pace.

We’ve outlined six strategies to put into practice to strengthen your company’s customer satisfaction this year and beyond.

1. Double Down on Your Efforts

Double Down on Your Efforts to delight customers

As with all things in life, what you put into a project or relationship will be what you get out of it. If you invest maximum effort into your clients, products, and services, the results are bound to follow. Handling each aspect of your business with effort and care, will ultimately solidify the partnerships you have formed and show how important they are to you as more than just a sale.

2. Ask For Feedback

Ask for Feedback to gain customer satisfaction

You’ll never know if you don’t ask. Examining what your team is doing from an outsider’s perspective can make a world of difference. Ask your clients to share what is working well, the areas they think your team is struggling with, and where they see future opportunities. Knowing how clients and prospects feel gives your team the chance to make changes and focus on creating the best possible customer experience. Use an open forum, send surveys, or even interview your clients to get their input. Asking for feedback will benefit your organization and the relationships you have.

3. Clear Communication is Key

Clear Communication is key

There is nothing better than having everyone on the same page, and that starts with clear communication. It is usually better to over-communicate to ensure each party is aware of what’s happening and expected of them. Create agendas for meetings so everyone has visibility to the same information. Send post-call or meeting recaps, including action items, next steps, and key points from your conversations. Comprehensively sharing details can give your prospect or client confidence that your team values the relationship and wants to share every detail.

4. Be Transparent

Be Transparent with customers

You can showcase transparency by sharing details about your business and the direction you are headed with your customers, as well as posting real-time client activity. Being completely honest and upfront can build the foundation for creating strong partnerships. Sharing results, capabilities, and analytics will highlight honesty and invoke trust.

5. Stay Positive

Stay Positive

When you have upbeat energy, it will radiate to those around you. Prospects and clients want to do business with those who believe in what they are doing, represent their brand by exceeding standards, and have an optimistic outlook.  Implementing small changes in how you speak with clients, even when delivering not-so-great news can significantly affect how the customer or prospect hears and reacts to your response. When sending emails or conducting in-person or phone messages, ensure the words and the tone of your voice are filled with positivity. The positivity you show will go a long way with delighting everyone around you.

6. Willingness to Learn

Willingness to Learn is a top sales tip

Drive and a willingness to learn will not only help with workplace growth but personal growth as well. Developing knowledge about your clients, prospects in your pipeline, and processes will give everyone confidence that you are competent and the subject matter expert. Taking the time to learn and even adapt to someone’s strategy or workflow will show an increase in comfort and trust exponentially.

These are six ways in which you can work to improve customer delight that are proven to be some of the top factors in continuing to nurture and ensure customer satisfaction. Tailor these strategies to the individuals you’re working with to exceed expectations.

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